6 Benefits that make crossword a must try for those shying away!

Many just believe that Crosswords are just not their cup of tea. They consider it to be a game for people with great vocabulary, geeks or TV buffs but is it so? We think that Crosswords are the dumbbells for your Brain and actually help you to:

  1. Avoid Alzheimer

It is one of the most popular reason due to which the people have started picking up crossword more. According to a study by the Alzheimer’s Association, solving crosswords daily can substantially help your brain to be more active and sharp when you grow old. Alzheimer is the most common form of Dimentia which is a progressive disease which slowly destroys the memory along with different brain functioning. Thus, solving crosswords can help you to avoid Alzheimer’s.

  1. Build a team from individuals

When people go through something together, they tend to come closer by the time the are done with it and what better than going through the crossword together and crushing it together. Crossword can act as a bonding agent between two people who wish to learn and achieve teamwork.

  1. Open you up to a vast Vocabulary

Crossword is constructed on a set of clues that lead to a set of new words when solved. After solving the whole crossword, you can be assured that you will remember a few words and their meaning, increasing your vocabulary indeed!

  1. Intensely engage

The true solvers know what we mean when we say intensely engaging. For some, Crosswords are like interesting novels, you just cannot put it down before finishing it. This can help to forget about the bigger worries of life for a while and divert your attention towards a more easy complications of solving a puzzle.

  1. Deal with the common problems of life

To solve crossword puzzles, you brain develops strategies. This ability helps to develop a positive form of competition with yourself and gets you all geared up for the bigger challenges of life.  

  1. Overcome your boredom

It can act as a great partner when you are bored, depressed or anxious.Crosswords help you to relax and get your mind off the regular stress of life in a fun way. You just have to give Crossword a chance!

There are many studies that support these benefits. We would actually recommend solving at least one crossword every week, to increase your brain’s agility and sharpness.

Who would have thought something that you take up as a fun hobby with a cup of coffee can benefit you so well?

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