Weed helps parents Cure their Son’s Epilepsy

Critical kush
Critical kush – Image taken Dutchseedsshop.com

Weed is the common name for marijuana or cannabis. This is a wonder medicine that is becoming more popular each day because of its use in the treatment of several chronic diseases. One of the diseases where this medicine is highly effective is epilepsy. Epilepsy is a condition where there is brain dysfunction. It can even occur in young children. There are many thousands of children being affected by this disease every year. Some of the kids are affected very severely and such conditions are called as Dravet syndrome. In such severe cases, the life of the affected child is completely controlled by this disease and the child is not able to lead a normal life. They are in the grip of this deadly disease, which can cause severe brain damage and cause the affected person to become completely dependent on other people.

How a parent’s quest for epilepsy treatment led them to marijuana

A child who suffered from such a severe form of epilepsy has a wonderful story to tell. The parents were grief stricken when they learnt that their child was suffering from a seemingly incurable and deadly form of epilepsy. They were not able to get the best treatment because of the severity of the disease. The parents searched far and wide till they learnt about marijuana as a potent treatment against this disease. They relocated to a place where there was a clinic nearby, which catered to children affected by epilepsy by providing small doses of marijuana in controlled doses.

Different strains of marijuana tried

The parents were very happy to find a good clinic to help their child get rid of epilepsy. They did not know what was in store for them. The usual strain that was provided to the other children was given to their child too, but they found that their child did not respond to the marijuana. There was no perceptible difference in the duration of epilepsy and the severity of epilepsy. The parents were very sick with grief that something which worked in the treatment of other kids did not work for their child.

The doctors who treated their child were not discouraged. They tied different strains like Pure Power Plant and Blue Dragon. When they did not work, other strains like Shaman and Eldorado were tried. Finally, the disease responded to two other strains of marijuana, namely Master Kush and G Kush. The duration and severity of epilepsy reduced over a period of time and finally their child was completely cured from the disease.

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